How Crypto casinos are becoming more mainstream

The gambling industry is currently considered one of the most flexible sectors of the global economy. It is experiencing continuous growth and a high return on major investments, introducing impressive innovative trends that in many ways have exceeded the forecasts of even the most positive industry experts. In the following article we have taken the trouble to provide detailed information on the general market situation in 2021.

The situation in Europe

Casinos in Europe are often divided into Western European and Eastern European gambling establishments. First of all, we want to talk about gambling activities in the western part of the continent. It is precisely this region where the gambling industry has not only developed successfully but is also in constant evolution. In this part of the European continent, we can visit casinos in twenty countries, and four states offer pari-mutuel facilities, including horse races or special racetracks where players can enjoy slots as well as video poker. Gambling activities in Western Europe are not only becoming increasingly popular, but are also strictly regulated by law.

For example, the online gambling industry in the UK has two licences for electronic betting, a bookmaker licence and 14 licences for interactive games that are currently in use. Here in Germany, the situation is such that the new State Treaty on Gambling will take effect from 2021. From July next year, online casinos will finally be able to try to obtain a license here in Germany.

Even in the countries of Eastern Europe, gambling establishments are rapidly developing into one of the best means of entertainment. At the same time, gambling is regulated by a number of laws in each country – each of these countries has its own rules and regulations.

All in all, however, things are relatively strict in Europe – with exceptions such as the EU countries Malta and Cyprus – things are different in the United States of America. And there is also a lot to experience in the virtual entertainment market. Because online casinos are becoming more and more fashionable, not only in Europe. What makes new online casinos more user-friendly is often asked. Well, it is simply because they are easier to play, since you can also play them on the go.

BTC casinos have been arount for a while now. The question is if the new regulation will drive players even more to more anonmyous online casinos that accept Monero? Here is a list of providers, if you are interested:

More than just Las Vegas

On the North American continent, there are three states with gambling facilities and three states with equal facilities, including dog and horse racing or rather popular modern racetracks, which have video poker terminals or slots within reach of the players.

There are more gambling establishments here than on any other continent, not to mention the virtual world. This is of course mainly due to the over one thousand casinos in the USA. As for other North American countries where gambling activities are legally permitted, these are Mexico and Canada. The fact that the banking industry is facing come real problems (read more at this website) drives many players to online casinos that accept BTC.

There are more than a thousand commercial gambling establishments in North America, which generate about twenty-nine billion dollars in revenue each year. The most popular options in gambling establishments are roulette, poker or slots. Other popular games are lotteries and (sports) betting, which are legal in all Canadian provinces and forty-three American states.


As you can see, the market is continuously active and will continue to grow in the future. Especially the view into the virtual worlds will be even more exciting in 2021, because then also online casinos in Germany will really take off.