Farad Cryptoken

Farad Cryptoken adalah yang pertama dari jenisnya di antara cryptocurrency yang ada di pasaran. Perbedaan utama dari farad Cryptoken adalah bahwa, ianya didukung oleh aktivitas ekonomi nyata yang merupakan produksi Ultra-kapasitor dalam perusahaan yang sebenar.

Market Caps and Volumes



In addressing certain enquiries as well concern expressed by FRD holders, Dr Wan M. Hasni has penned down his personal replies. Today, he will talk about the cryptocurrency market and exchanges. 

  1. Cryptocurrency (CC) market is extremely volatile and new. Therefore, we can see too much volatilities in the markets, where in last 30 days BTC is up by about 35%, ETH up by 16%, BCH (bitcoin cash) by whopping 250%, and so on. Such environment is clearly wildly speculative and very unhealthy for the CC market. We expect that the volatile market will continue and unabated for quite some time. So far, CC market exhibits a zero-sum-game scenarios - whereby my gain could be somebody else loss (or vice-versa).
  2. FARAD is within the same ecosystem, but not at the centre of the storm. The expectation to “pump-and-dump” is high among some participants - which is for FRD to shoot up in price in a very short time and some people will then dump it, in hopes of high and quick returns. The “dump” will only be done on someone else, who will then have to face the possibility of losses. 
  3. CC is actually a Peer-to-Peer system, whereby all transfers of coins or tokens are among the CC community. Many large exchangers are operating NOT on Peer-to-Peer principles, whereby they operate through “market-makers”, which pushes the prices of some tokens to the “roof” then suddenly the prices collapses without any recovery thereafter. All “big-exchangers” are practicing a very unhealthy practice which is tantamount to “market rigging” and “price-fixing”. On that score, all “centralised exchangers” will be put under regulations by their country of origin at anytime soon. (We expect that spates of regulations are coming within the very near future. China already banned the “centralised exchangers earlier). In fact, the SEC did make some remarks that these exchangers are involved in some “unfair market practices”.
  4. For that reason, FARAD team is pursuing centralised exchangers with much caution and care. First, to avoid any “pump-and-dump” behaviours, and to avoid any unhealthy market practices that will affect long-term prospect of FARAD to be within “Stable Token Agenda”.
  5. For this reason as well, we promote FARAD to be listed on pure Peer-to-Peer exchangers (EtherDelta and Decentrex), because in our analysis, these are “autonomous exchangers” where everything is transparent and can be seen and observed by the market participants.
  6. However EtherDelta and Decentrex suffers from another element, that is there is no market making, which “match the order books” in sequential manner. Anyone can match any orders at any prices as he or she wishes. This is a major defect of such Peer-to-Peer exchangers. That’s why we can see FRD trading at some ridiculously low prices or at times at ridiculously high prices. In other words, there are no clear senses of mark-to-market prices. For this reason, we can see some people commenting on prices “too low” and commenting why that is the case. It is not about prices too low or too high, it is that the order book is not being filled (or matched) in sequential orders.
  7. To fill this void, we plan to launch a “sequential matching of order book” Peer-to-Peer exchanger under Virtue Exchange of Blockchain Digital Assets, because that is what is currently missing within current Peer-to-Peer exchangers.
  8. We ask FARAD holders to be patient because to setup such exchangers with the proper market mechanism, and yet avoiding the pitfalls of major exchangers is no easy task; but we will surely be up for it. We need some more time to finalise the codes and test them before it can be fully operational. 
  9. Virtue Exchange will also be available as a Distributed App (DApp), which is currently non-available among other Peer-to-Peer exchangers.
  10. Among the features of Virtue Exchange is for participants to deal with the trade directly from their ImToken wallets (or any other third party wallets). This is currently not the practice of any other exchangers (major ones as well as Peer-to-Peer), whereby you have to deal through “their designated wallets” from your private wallets. There are many other features that will be introduced to overcome the defects of these existing exchangers. For that, we need a bit of time and we ask for some patience as we work to provide you the best services we can offer in the market.


On behalf of FARAD Program Manager, we are happy to announce that the FARAD Token Swap Program had been concluded October 31, 2017 with a resounding success. The total token Swap results are as follows:

  • Total token created for the program was 1.6bil FRD
  • Total distributed during token swap exercise was over 200mil FRD
  • The balance of 1.4bil FRD will be sent to the upcoming Farad Store, the first blockchain based market place.
  • The energy storage innovation which FARAD represents is in the invention, manufacturing and delivery of FARAD ultra-capacitors, while the Blockchain is based on Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract.
  • A quick update on production line of the ultra-capacitors is that the semi- automated assembly line has been installed, while the more advanced fully automated assembly line is being manufactured and planned for full scale 24/7 operations in January 2018.
  • To further step up our efforts in the FARAD program, we have exciting news on FRD getting listed, the Smart Contract for FRD Redemption Program and our upcoming FARAD Store.
Please see below for Farad Cryptoken’s Official Report along with Farad Cryptoken’s independant auditor’s report